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jillianspeaktv We are so excited that Jillian's Peak " Sweet Tea" was selected as the Festival favorite at palms springs LGBTQIA film festival😃. This is our sixth one for Jillian's Peak. Thanks, @cinemadiverse. @frank.blenman - Director


JP new FINIAL LOGO copy 2.png


Jillian’s Peak is a black female production with an all-black cast and crew. The cast is 80 percent female. Which increases the female presence in film and television. The short film is an introduction to the series.


Jillian's Peak tells the stories of LGBTQIA women of color. In addition to the situations that they face in their community, with families, friends, and co-workers. Also, how do some people in the African  American, Diaspora, and Brown communities feel about LGBTQIA people?  But most importantly LGBTQIA women of color, are underrepresented in television and films.

This LGBTQIA drama is based loosely on the co-creator and producer, Charzette Torrence.

At the center is Jillian, an African American woman who finds herself in the throes of discovering her true sexual orientation. Jillian will face life challenges, as she confronts issues of self-denial, love, family, career, and identity. It opens up on Jillian’s wedding day. Jillian glances at herself in the mirror. Her face reveals her doubts. There is no turning back. Or is there? Because deep down inside she knows the truth that is a lesbian. Jillian has been struggling with the truth for years.

When a heart changes Its mind so does the discovery.


Jillian is an African American woman who is afraid of marrying a man. Because deep down inside she knows the truth that is a lesbian. She has been struggling with the truth for years that she is gay.


Jillian's Peak is an African American woman. This is an LGBTQI drama created by Charzette Torrence and Danielle Johnson both founders of Jillian’s Peak. Aimed to combat the negative stereotypes of the LGBTQI community, in particular, lesbian women of color. A demographic that is underrepresented. Jillian’s Peak aims to tap to share our commitment to creating the type of premium quality content exploring lesbian women of color families, celebrating their lives, empowering the viewers and learning not to fear the stigma about lesbians of African American, Hispanic, Asian descent, and other ethnicity's culture and their lives. Most importantly to combat the negative stigma by television networks. Jillian is afraid of marrying a man. Because deep down inside she knows the truth that is a lesbian. She has been struggling with the truth for years that she is gay.


  • 2013- Jillian’s Peak Live script read for Gay Pride Month at WNYC & WQXR Green Space.


  • 2016- Jillian’s Peak script was recognized as a first-round qualifier of The Made in NY Writers Room.


  • 2017- Jillian’s Peak script was recognized as the first-round qualifier in the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards. Which had among 1791 script enter.


  • 2018- Jillian’s Peak has been selected for the second round of the Sundance Institute YouTube New Voices Lab.


  • 2018- Jillian’s Peak script was recognized as a preliminary finalist in the Creative World Awards.


  • 2018- Jillian’s Peak script was an official selection in the NYC Independent film festival with a script reading and Q&A.


  • 2018- Jillian’s Peak script was an official selection in the New Media Film festival in Los Angeles, California.


  • 2018- LGBT Toronto film festival best scene read in September.


  • 2018- LGBT Toronto film festival interview by Matthew Toffolo’s Summary.


  • 2018- Jillian’s Peak script made the second round of the Marco Episodic Lab.


  • 2019- LGBT Toronto Film Festival voted one of the TOP scripts at our festival.


  • 2019-2022- Judges for the New York Independent Film Festival.

  • 2022- Jillian's Peak Short Selected at the Palms Springs LGBTQ Cinema Diverse film Festival

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Jillian's Peak Production Team

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Tracey Baker-Simmons

CEO/Co-Executive Producer/Television and film production/Director

Is a seasoned veteran in television and film production who has spent more than 20 years in the industry producing critically acclaimed content.Throughout her career, Ms. Baker-Simmons has proven her ability to create content that both resonates well with viewers and pushes the culture forward. Baker-Simmons produced national commercials and hundreds of music videos for LeRoux Pictures and Westside Stories in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2002 she produced the independent feature film The Book of Love. In 2005, Baker-Simmons created the pop culture phenomenon - Bravo reality series Being Bobby Brown, starring controversial music legends Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Then, in 2010, Baker-Simmons and her partner, Wanda Shelley, executive produced MTV2’s Sprite Step-Off, which debuted to record breaking ratings for the network. In the same year, Baker-Simmons received an Emmy™ nomination from Southeast Region - National Academy of Arts and Sciences for the series Platinum House, featuring R&B legend Keith Sweat and Dru Hill.

Danielle Johnson

CEO/Co-Executive Producer/Co- Creator/Writer/Musical Director

Is a native New Yorker from the boogie down the Bronx, born into a family of jazz
Musicians. Taking the lead from her father and late cousin and mentor Clarence Slatter Jr., Danielle started playing drums at the age of six. She eventually went on to play several other instruments to include Rhythm Guitar, Jazz and Precision Bass, Keyboards, and Saxophone. With over forty years of music background.

Danielle started her own music production company with her partner Charzette known as “DeeJay & Cats Production providing music for Jillian’s Peak, commercials, and DJ soundtracks to name a few. Just as writing music is a passion for her.

So was writing “Jillian’s Peak” with her partner Charzette as a content creator. Which is her partner Inspirational story. They both wanted to do this for the African American Lesbians and LGBTQI community. Because their life is not depicted in film or television at all in a realist way.

Charzette Torrence

CEO/ Co-Executive Producer/Co-Creator/ Writer

Her hometown is Detroit, MI and she currently lives in New York for over twenty years, she has been recognized for her positive portrayals of people whom mainstream media has tried to marginalize. Like her 50-piece photographic series “Just as We Are,” In 2010 She started transitioning into becoming a filmmaker and Join NYWIFT, IFP, Sag New Media and a W/MBE.

Charzette and her partner Danielle Johnson wanted to learn as much as they can about films.  Their first project as content creators is “Jillian’s Peak”, depicts African American lesbians and LGBTQI as positive realistic people. Jillian’s Peak is an Inspirational story of Charzette life as a lesbian.

Her photography work is in Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and other museums and galleries. In 1992 she was the first African-American that ran the night lab at Main Photography Workshop. She Chaired and raised funds for the women’s advisory board of Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in 2014. Charzette received her BFA in photography from the College for Creative Studies.


CAST for our short film



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